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COVID-19 Updates & Booking Information

Updated Dec 2020: We are currently operating a limited range of services and in-person bookings in line with the latest Government guidance. We are asking anyone who visits the studio to read and agree to the following rules & procedures and provide us with their contact details so that we can ensure that all of our visitors and staff remain safe.
Remote services/sessions continue to be available as usual, if you would like to make a booking for an in-studio session, please contact us first to discuss your requirements and we will request that you complete the form below once we have made your booking. Thank you for your support!

BRICKWORK STUDIOS | COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Policy
Thank you for helping us keep Brickwork Studios safe by reading and adhering to the following rules at all times while using our studio. All of our staff and studio users appreciate your support and patience during this time.


  • DO contact us immediately if you have used the studio within the past 14 days and subsequently had exposure to, developed symptoms of or tested positive for COVID-19

  • DO provide us with your contact details for “track and trace” purposes via the form below

  • DO limit all bookings to members of no more than two households or “bubbles”

  • DO use the hand sanitisers on arrival, during your booking and when leaving the studio

  • DO maintain at least AT LEAST 1m social distancing at all times, particularly when entering and exiting the building and while moving through the lobby area

  • DO wear a facemask whenever possible

  • DO bring your own instrument cables and other equipment/cables wherever possible

  • DO NOT attend your booking if you are feeling unwell in any way

  • DO NOT arrive more than 10 minutes before your booking start time and ensure you have vacated the building no more than 10 minutes after your booking end time

  • DO NOT attempt to book or attend a session if you are living in an area that is currently under lockdown

  • DO NOT pay with cash, we will only accept contactless card payments or payment via email invoicing

  • DO NOT use the toilet unless absolutely necessary and if you do, use hand sanitiser before entering, wash your hands thoroughly and reapply sanitiser on exiting 

  • DO NOT enter the Control Room or Store Room

  • DO NOT request that a member of staff enters your room during a booking




  • WE WILL supply and maintain multiple hand sanitiser points throughout the building

  • WE WILL mark out 1m zones throughout the building to assist with maintaining appropriate social distancing

  • WE WILL contact you in the event of any studio user alerting us to an exposure to, symptoms of or positive test for COVID-19

  • WE WILL stagger all bookings and ensure only one activity is allowed on site at any time and that suitable down time is maintained between each booking

  • WE WILL clean and sanitise the studio, including wiping down all touch points and disinfecting microphone baskets, in between each booking

  • WE WILL NOT share your track and trace details with anyone outside of the Brickwork Studios team and any reporting of COVID-19 exposure or risk of infection will be kept strictly confidential

Thank you for your submission.

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